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Reel : 2016-2023

Reel : 2016-2023

⚙️ Professional Experience

FX Artist

RodeoFX, Toronto – (Nov 2021 - Feb 2024)

I develop and deliver FX elements for Film and Episodic projects. I'm also involved in building tools and setups for a broad spectrum of problems that we tackle in production. Additionally I also take part in mentoring artists.

Quality Assurance Specialist

SideFX Software*, Toronto – (Sept 2019 - Nov 2021)*

As part of the QA Team, I'm responsible for testing Houdini to make sure that it is of the highest standards possible. My role involves putting Houdini through standard and non-standard workflows, building examples, testing user experiences and to validate/reproduce bugs.

I've helped build some tools and snippets for Houdini 19 and Labs and also worked with the EDU team to build and deliver training.

FX TD/Artist

Soho VFX*, Toronto – (Apr 2017 - Sept 2019)*